Putting in roots

For the past oh, maybe five years, I’ve moved from apartment to apartment, town to town, in four different states, and let me just say that all that moving is NOT conducive to gardening whatsoever.

I haven’t been on the run or anything, just transferred colleges, then went out to beautiful Los Angeles to live with Bodie, then we came back east before Miriam was born and now, God willing, we may stick around long enough to put roots in.

tomatoes, bell peppers, and sweet peas

I started small, since we don’t have a lot of space, and did (not-so-eco-friendly) disposable cups since I happened to have them around and I am hoping to give away some of these seedlings once they get a little bigger.

I put scrunched up paper towels in the bottom to help keep the soil moist but not soaked, and just over a week later I have several little baby plants! Once the babies get bigger and the chance of frost is gone, I’ll transfer them to containers and put them out on the balcony and let them do their thing.

This is just one little small step, but it feels good to know that at least some of our vegetables this year will come from our own hands and not off a grocery store shelf. Sure we love to support local farms and outdoor markets, but there really is nothing like doing the work yourself. I think it’s in our blood, or at least in mine.

new life


One thought on “Putting in roots

  1. Andrea Thorpe says:

    You’re off to a great start! It’ll be so much fun to cook with your home grown goodies. We’ve started our seeds indoors too and are looking for to lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, and a variety of herbs this summer.

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