Here’s to you, God!

Today we all grew up a little… Miriam spent her first evening with Grandma, and Bodie and I had our first dinner out, to celebrate his new job. I was getting myself some crackers and cheese, and a glass of wine before I sat down to write this post and I thought, wow, self, I am proud of you. Today you put on make-up, had a date, and are now about to eat wine and cheese like a grown up.

This week was crazy. It started off so rocky. Bodie didn’t have a job, and I started to look for work. I started a job as a waitress at an Italian restaurant, and two days later Bodie was hired by a company he loves, doing the work that he has been doing in his spare time for fun. He couldn’t be happier, and neither could I. My two day stint as a working mom gave me that extra nudge of confidence to be able to leave Miriam with my mom tonight and go on our celebratory date.

It seems to me, and I realized this as it was happening, that this was God’s plan being enacted, and I had to let him lead me. He steered me towards my job and gave me the strength to handle it, taught me how to leave my baby for the first time. He knew I was ready, and that I wasn’t going to make that step on my own and needed the extra little nudge. He also led Bodie to his job, not a corporate job with no purpose in sight, but a job where Bodie could work on free, open-source software using exciting new technology for developers like him.

So here’s to you, God, and thank you for these great gifts. Thank you for taking care of us and putting us exactly where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there.


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