Halloween with a baby:

pumpkin hand print

pumpkin hand imprint


1. candy is the easiest thing in the house to grab and eat. save some for the trick or treaters.

2. the monster mash is a great lullabye.

3. after the baby falls asleep, remember to put a sign outside reminding trick or treaters NOT to ring the doorbell or they will get to meet monster mom.

4. costumes should always be put on at the last minute to minimize poo damage

5. In fact, most babies hate costumes. Leave it on for a minute to get a nice picture, experience costume-wearing on Halloween, and then take it off.

6. if the pumpkin doesn’t get carved, (or does get carved and ends up looking horrific because honestly, who can carve a decent face into a gourd with a kitchen knife) your 6 month old isn’t going to notice or care

7. Speaking of pumpkin, why not make some of my amazing Pumpkin Muffins!

8. As much fun as YOU think it would be if Daddy wore a costume, sometimes Daddy just doesn’t want to wear a costume. (You’re welcome Dads)

9. If you must take your newborn trick or treating, consider babywearing. Your life will be a thousand times easier without a stroller, and your baby will be warmer tucked up against your chest. Some crafty mommies even incorporate their wrap into baby’s costume.

10. Backup costume. We just happened to have one, which is convenient, since I left her bunny costume at my Moms after the Halloween party today. Tomorrow, she’ll be Glenda the Good Witch! And I don’t have to worry about doing laundry.


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