White Bean and Kale Pasta w/ Chicken



Ingredients: 1/2 bag Penne Rigate, 1 can white beans, 1/2 head of kale, 2 chicken breasts, garlic, salt and pepper, olive oil 

Directions: Saute chicken in the olive oil on medium to high heat searing the outside. While the chicken is searing (try not to mix it too much) tear the kale into salad sized pieces. Boil the pasta separately and drain, returning to pot when done. If you are using canned instead of fresh white beans, rinse them with cold water to freshen them up. Once the chicken is mostly cooked, turn it down to med-low and add the kale, white beans, and as much garlic as you like. When the kale becomes dark and wilted, add the mixture to the pasta, and add a little more olive oil and garlic to create a sauce and heat on med low while mixing together until garlic is soft and hot.

As always, please share your variations! My thoughts for this are, you could try it without the chicken or with other meats, and you could use fresh beans instead of canned or another type of pasta. Happy cooking!




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