Chicken and Fresh Italian Vegetable Pasta

Can you tell that I love to cook Italian food? Especially with these fresh summer vegetables … Yum!


See endnotes for details of what I did, and substitutions and other ideas

Ingredients: Pasta, chicken breast, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

Directions: cut up chicken and sauté in oil on med low heat. Once chicken is cooked through but not yet browned, add cut up zucchini and tomatoes. Boil water for pasta and cook it according to package. Once the veges have cooked to the point that they are soft but still have crunch — not mushy, add some extra olive oil and garlic to make some sauce for your pasta. Let it all simmer for like five extra minutes or until the tomatoes start to fall apart into the oil. Serve the chicken and veg over the pasta.

Notes: I used spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, and organic hormone free happy chicken. I think that using fresh, quality ingredients and making simple dishes tastes better, and I highly recommend choosing organic meats and dairy products whenever possible. That being said, I do use minced garlic from a jar because I don’t have a garlic press. You could also make this dish without chicken, or with shrimp if you’d prefer. Another option that I wanted to try but didn’t is roasting the vegetables and the chicken before adding them. Also sun dried tomatoes, yum!

If you try it another way that works out (or one that doesn’t) share your experience!


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