Summer Vegetable Sauté

Recipe care of Bette Solomon =]


Ingredients: Zucchini, Corn (frozen or fresh), Tomatoes, Garlic, Salt/Pepper, Olive oil

Directions: Cut zucchini into whatever your favorite zuc eatin’ shape is, and saute in pan with olive oil. You can add onions if you want, I don’t because my family hates onions. After zuc starts to brown, toss in corn and tomatoes. You’ll have to turn the heat up once you do this if you are using frozen corn, because the water will leech out and you need to boil it off quickly so that your veges don’t get soggy. Toss in garlic kind of towards the end so it doesn’t get too overdone, and brown the rest of the veges to the darkness of your choosing! We eat this as a side dish most of the time, but if you are vegan like my father, you can put it over some brown rice mixed with quinoa and have a great meal =]


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