Easter Challah

Easter Challah

So there’s nothing wrong with making Challah for Easter, it is after all a high holiday non? We Catholics are all Jewish anyway, and having been raised half Jewish I have a Challah obsession and love everything about it. Firstly, I love how it tastes. Then I love the tradition. I love that my Great-Grandmother made it, and her Great-Grandmother probably did too. I love that it is special, and for special occasions, and if I were a good Jewish wife/mother I’d make it every week, but there’s time for that yet!

The other thing I love to do with Challah is give it away. Bread is an amazing gift, and I highly recommend giving it to people during holidays, or just generally. I learned recently that another Jewish tradition is to never show up to someone else’s house empty handed. When I first heard that, I suddenly realized that it had been ingrained in me for years and I have hated going to visit family or friends empty-handed but never knew why it bothered me so much. Whelp, guess it’s genetics, or more likely the fact that my parents always bring something when they go a-visiting. In any case, challah is a great thing to bring. Or any kind of bread, really.

Anyways we’re getting too far off topic… I made this recipe with my hopefully-future-mother-in-law, and we mostly used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. We didn’t do raisins or seeds, and we used a combination of butter and vege oil (the olive is too strong tasting in my opinion). Oh and yeah, we didn’t ACTUALLY do all the waiting and kneading and waiting more and kneading more. Well sort of we did, we kind of cut the times etc to make sure the bread was ready by dinner time. Let me assure you, the more time you let challah rise and punch it down, the better it is. Cutting corners will only give you worse bread, but it is worse CHALLAH, which is so amazing to begin with, that sometimes it’s worth it to have it ready on time.


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